Are You About To Stand Trial For A Major Felony?

A criminal conviction on a major felony charge in state or federal court carries serious consequences. A guilty verdict in court can mean years in prison, heavy fines, a criminal record, long-term separation from loved ones and a future clouded by the stigma of "ex-con."

This perception, this projection, does not have to be your reality. You still have a chance to avoid a worst-case scenario that stays with you forever. Your selection of the right criminal defense attorney for you is, at this moment, the most important decision you will ever make.

In Newport Beach, Orange County and across Southern California, the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick stands ready to protect your rights from arrest and indictment to plea bargaining, trial, appeal and beyond.

Mr. Fredrick is a skillful criminal defense lawyer with 25 years of experience and the track record to go with it, especially in high-profile cases. His clients receive every benefit of his legal knowledge, investigative access, negotiation and litigation abilities, and one-on-one personal service that guarantees an honest answer to every question.

Will Your Future Be Decided In Court After Major Felony Charges?

Major felony cases that Mark W. Fredrick handles with skill and purpose, on your behalf, include:

  • Homicide and manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Theft, identity theft, robbery and burglary
  • Grand theft auto
  • Felony assault
  • Weapons violations
  • Financial crimes

With Mr. Fredrick by your side, you receive comprehensive protection of your rights by someone who specializes in mounting these defenses in state and federal courts, as opposed to an inexperienced, underpaid public defender. And his exceptional expertise is accompanied by unrivaled personal service throughout the legal process.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you, get to know you, hear your side of the story and begin the task of representing your interests. Contact us today — by phone in Orange County at 949-756-2200 or by email message from this website.