Domestic Violence

A domestic abuse case can often move forward even if the alleged victim decides against pressing charges. The legal process can take on a life of its own. With the help of attorney Mark W. Fredrick, a domestic abuse complaint or case does not have to negatively affect the rest of a person's life.

If you or someone you love is a part of a domestic abuse case, a violation of a restraining order, or anything in between, action needs to be taken immediately. Decisive, results-driven decisions must be made, and there is no better criminal defense option than Attorney Mark W. Fredrick.

Achieving results with the client's happiness, the client's freedom, and the client's best interest is the main goal for Attorney Mark W. Fredrick. Fredrick has proven to be a force in the judicial system in Southern California for the past 25 years. His in-depth knowledge of the Law, how it is enforced and how the law is applied during trial gives his clients the best chances to put a stressful situation in the rear-view mirror.

Results-Focused Outcomes For All Clients

As a defense attorney, Mark W. Fredrick will protect his clients' rights against any accusation. Allegations of domestic violence can include:

  • Verbal, emotional, financial and hands-on spousal and child abuse;
  • Stalking;
  • Harassment;
  • Terroristic threats; and
  • Intimidation.

It is vital to know that an abuse conviction can jeopardize rights that many of us take for granted, including immigration status, access to child visitation after a divorce, the right to own a firearm and many others. Fredrick understands the stress and struggle that comes along with a potential criminal case. He is willing and able to provide his clients with the most in-depth and best defense in the region.

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Fredrick and his team can be reached by calling 949-756-2200 or via email through this website. A potential criminal case is nothing to play around with. The sooner attorney Mark W. Fredrick is retained for a case, the sooner the case will get resolved.