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Past Cases/Verdicts


  • People v. Robert D.

    Defendant was a local government official charged with felony counts of corruption and conflict of interest in the performance of his job. Our office filed a petition for writ of mandamus in the Court of Appeal, which was granted. The Court of Appeal then ordered the case dismissed.

  • People v. Abraham R.

    Defendant charged with multiple counts in the molestation of two children was facing life in prison. The defendant was acquitted of all charges following the jury trial.

  • People v. Juan S.

    Defendant, a minor and accused gang member, was facing life in prison for the alleged killing of a 14-year-old member of a rival gang. Defendant was acquitted of all murder charges following a lengthy jury trial.

  • People v. Michael H.

    Defendant charged with kidnapping and rape of an 18 year-old girl aboard a boat by Catalina Island. Motion to dismiss all charges granted.

  • People v. Joseph M.

    Real estate broker charged with attempting to cash a fraudulent check in the amount of $50,000. Case dismissed preventing any action from being taken against the defendant’s broker’s license.

  • People v. Bijan D.

    Police officer was charged with authoring a false police report following the videotaped arrest of a 16 year-old boy in Inglewood. This case received national coverage and was featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC and CBS. The defendant was acquitted and remained on active duty with the police department.

  • People v. Clint M.

    Defendant was accused of shooting a man in the face during an attempted robbery. Case Dismissed.

  • People v. Kevin G.

    United States Marine was wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned for 17 years. He was released by our Writ of Habeas Corpus as soon as we undertook representation. Our office drafted a special bill awarding him compensation for his wrongful imprisonment. The special bill was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor of the State of California. Featured on NBC, ABC and CBS.

  • People v. Rosa K.

    Owner of several local drug stores was investigated for murder. She was accused of practicing medicine and providing medications without a license, resulting in the death of a two year-old child. The case was resolved for a misdemeanor conviction, and a fine. No jail time was imposed.

  • Tom D. v. Dept. of Motor Vehicles

    Client came to us after his driver’s license had been suspended by the DMV for a second DUI in three years. The court granted our Petition for Writ of Mandamus and ordered the DMV to immediately reinstate our client’s driving privilege.

  • People v. Matthew C.

    Defendant was charged with possession and transportation of various controlled substances after police stopped him and discovered narcotics in his car. Motion to suppress all evidence was granted and the case was dismissed.

  • People v. Scott B.

    California State Assemblyman; alleged felony election violations. Case dismissed.

  • In re Jane Doe.

    Father accused of molesting his teenage daughter. All counts of molest were found unsubstantiated following trial.

  • People v. Edward B.

    Orthopedic surgeon found not guilty of 68 counts of insurance fraud and perjury.

  • People v. Mun Bong K.

    “Honor Role Murder” case. Time Magazine wrote an article about this case entitled: “Academic Murder”. This case received national coverage.

  • People v. Isidrio M.

    Police recovered a large amount of cocaine during a search of Defendant’s home. The case was dismissed based on our motion.

  • People v. Alex K.

    Defendant was charged with causing bodily injury while driving under the influence, hit and run and resisting arrest. The court granted our motion and all charges were dismissed.

  • People v. Maria I.

    Defendant charged with transportation and sales of narcotics with prior offenses. Defense motion to suppress all evidence granted and case dismissed.

  • People v. Brian G.

    High School Principal charged with multiple felony counts of child abuse. Case dismissed.

  • People v. Kenneth C.

    Defendant was charged with possession of narcotics after police searched his hotel room and found a large amount of narcotics and narcotic related substances. Motion to suppress all evidence granted and case dismissed.