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Drug Crime Charges Threaten The Defendant’s Rights And Their Future


As bad as the stigma is that comes with a felony drug conviction the consequences are far worse —a lengthy jail term, a substantial fine, a criminal record and strict parole/probation rules are just a few of the unfortunate circumstances that come with a felony drug conviction.

If one has been arrested on any type of drug charge; trafficking, conspiracy, delivery, importation, cultivation or even the manufacture of drugs, the best option is to contact Attorney Mark W. Fredrick. Mark has worked on drug cases at both the state and federal levels and is able to handle any situation that he is presented with.

At the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick in Newport Beach, defendants in felony drug cases have the benefit of the exceptional and relentless defense of Attorney Mark W. Fredrick and his proven legal team. Fredrick’s reputation for success in high-profile cases over the past 29 years is one the most notable attributes of Fredrick’s team.

Time and time again, Fredrick has proven to a be to be one of the best attorneys in California. He is willing and able to handle any major felony drug case; whether that is a case involving possession and distribution of controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, illegally obtained prescription drugs, party drugs and drug paraphernalia, or other drug related charges.

Mark W. Fredrick is an attorney that will dive into all aspects of the case; from the warrant, to the search, to the police interviews and everything leading up to the trial. Fredrick is going to find any mis-step or unethical procedure that took place. If one believes there was any sort of unlawful behavior by police, the first step to fighting this behavior is a phone call to the Law offices of Mark W. Fredrick. Being caught with drugs does not automatically lead to conviction of a felony drug charge. It is imperative to the future of the defendant that he or she has an attorney that will exercise all possible avenues for their case.

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Fredrick and his team can be reached at 949-756-2200 or via email through this website. A potential criminal case is nothing to play around with. The sooner attorney Mark W. Fredrick is retained for a case the sooner the case will get resolved.