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Experienced Defenses Against White Collar Crime Charges


If you are being investigated by a grand jury for a potential financial crime charge, or about to stand trial in state or federal court in California for alleged white collar offenses, you need experienced criminal defense representation in your corner — and you need it now.

In Orange County and Southern California for the past 29 years, the home of aggressive advocacy for defendants facing major felonies is the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick in Newport Beach.

Mr. Fredrick’s track record for favorable outcomes in cases large and small — but especially in complex, high-profile cases that attract widespread media attention — is proof-positive that he can safeguard your interests as well.

Results-Focused Representation, Impeccable Reputation For Positive Results

Are you the owner of a business or private practice whose financial dealings are being examined by federal investigators and prosecutors?

White collar crime defense attorney Mark W. Fredrick works hard to protect your rights, real property, financial assets, freedoms and future in major felony cases that include:

  • Fraud of all kinds — mortgage, health care, securities, business, computer, bank, mail, wire, insurance, workers’ compensation and many others
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • RICO violations and racketeering
  • Conspiracy to commit a financial crime
  • Maintenance of illegal offshore accounts
  • Public corruption by an elected official

Mr. Fredrick takes charge of your case immediately, to help you avoid a trial if you are being investigated, and provides forceful litigation support if a court appearance is necessary. He is also highly proficient at negotiating with government lawyers in ways that can minimize damage to your liberties and livelihood.

Were your Fourth Amendment privacy rights violated by authorities? Were you the target of asset forfeiture by law enforcement? You need the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick on your side. Call now — 949-756-2200 — or email our law firm from this website.