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An Experienced Attorney Ready To Defend You From Homicide Charges

In California, homicide charges are often extremely high-profile cases. Defendants find their names all over the news, and many people make up their minds about the individual’s guilt or innocence long before the case resolves. If you are charged with homicide or a related crime, you need representation as soon as possible.

At the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick, in Newport Beach, we have extensive experience handling cases involving violent crimes. Founding attorney Mark W. Fredrick has more than 29 years of trial experience in a host of different criminal matters, including homicide and murder trials. He is in court almost every day, and is ready to get to work preparing your defense.

A Defense That Explores All Options

You need to take these charges seriously, because a conviction means extensive prison time or possibly even the death penalty. Early investigation can be critical in defending the allegations against you. Evidence must be preserved and collected before it disappears, therefore it is absolutely essential that you fight back as soon as you learn you are being investigated for a homicide. Pleading guilty is not going to result in the court feeling sorry for you or taking it easy on you during the sentencing phase of your case. It is  Attorney Mark W. Fredrick can help you protect your rights by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the evidence in the case
  • Challenging law enforcement’s practices during the investigation of the alleged activity
  • Working with prosecutors to potentially limit the charges you may be facing
  • Standing by your side from the beginning to the end of your case, including at trial, if necessary

We make your case our priority, and work extensively to develop a strategy that is designed to take full advantage of the options in your situation. You will not be another file on our desk – we’re actively involved in each and every aspect of your case.

Learn More About What We Can Do To Protect Your Rights

We are not afraid of difficult fact patterns or cases that seem hopeless. We’re committed to providing you with the defense you deserve. We know that you will have several questions about what we can do to help you. To meet with our lawyer, please call 949-756-2200 or send us an email to arrange a time that works for you.