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Murder And Assault


If one is about to stand trial for murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault or a “three strikes” violent crime in Southern California, their future may solely depend on their lawyer’s ability to navigate the judicial system.

An experienced criminal defense attorney with a name as recognizable as Mark W. Fredrick will provide the defense credibility in the courtroom with the judge, prosecution and even the jurors. Attorney Mark W. Fredrick is known throughout the judicial system as an attorney who aggressively defends his clients’ rights in any way he can.

In the past 29 years, Fredrick has become known for the obsessive manner he uses when preparing for a case; Fredrick leaves no stone unturned. He carefully inspects all circumstances of his client’s arrest and looks at every possible way to get his client exonerated of all charges. It is always attorney Mark W. Fredrick‘s main goal to put his clients in the best position possible to retain his or her freedom.

If trial is necessary, the case will receive exhaustive preparation and the defendant’s side of the story will be presented to the judge and the jury. A conviction does not automatically mean that one must spend the rest of their life behind bars. It is important for defendants to know and exhaust all their options; retaining Fredrick is the best way to safeguard one’s interest and future.

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