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How a workers’ compensation claim may turn into a fraud charge

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2020 | White Collar Crimes |

Fraud is a criminal charge to take seriously. In California, when filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may find yourself facing criminal fraud charges if the insurance company feels your claim meets specific criteria.

The Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick wish to keep you out of jail, especially if facing a charge of filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim. To ensure you remain in good standing with the insurance company, take a look at how one mistake in the claims process may thwart your efforts.

The injury happened in a different place

The most common reason people find themselves in legal hot water after going through the workers’ compensation process is that their injury did not happen at work. In some instances, this may begin innocently enough. Some repetitive injuries may have their roots in a non-work activity. The exact onset of something like carpal tunnel syndrome is sometimes difficult to pinpoint. A doctor may ask questions about your job and assume it began because of it. Fraud charges may come into play if you move forward with a claim knowing the doctor is wrong.

The injury is not as severe as believed

Another reason people face accusations of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims is when they choose to exaggerate the pain or suffering associated with the injury. People do this as a way to get more money from the insurance provider and to stay out of work longer. In some instances, this can go on for years before the insurance company finally has the evidence to prove that the injury was not as severe.

Navigating any fraud charge may prove confusing and overwhelming. Our webpage may provide some more helpful information concerning this and other common white-collar crimes.

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