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The link between drug trafficking and human trafficking

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Drug Trafficking |

Drug and human trafficking are examples of how one criminal activity can easily lead to another. These two issues intertwine with each other in many ways.

The DEA explains trafficking of drugs and humans is a way for criminal organizations to diversify. They get more benefits when they participate in both. Plus, they complement each other in a variety of ways.

The connections

One of the biggest ways human trafficking aligns with drug trafficking is when organizations use humans to carry the drugs across borders. They will often do this by using women and children who may not seem as if they would be part of such an enterprise.

It is made very easy because the routes they use to traffic both products are the same. They can send the drugs or humans along the same paths to get to the final destinations. There is very little extra work to move an additional product, but there is a lot more money to make, which is what entices these organizations to traffic both.

The methods

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains there are many ways in which the connection between drugs and humans occurs. They may have the people carry the drugs or use humans to lure in buyers. For example, they may order a human victim to cozy up to someone with a substance abuse problem and get that person to start buying or moving the drugs.

By recognizing the link between the two issues, it makes it easier to shut down operations. Law enforcement better knows to look for drug or human trafficking when they see one or the other.

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