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Could admitting you were violent help you beat felony charges?

| Aug 31, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

Most people facing violent criminal charges will base their defense strategy around disproving their involvement in a crime. Having an alibi or challenging evidence can make it much harder for a prosecutor to convince a jury that you broke the law beyond a reasonable doubt. 

However, sometimes your best defense actually involves admitting that you did commit a violent act. An affirmative defense is a less common but still effective defensive technique that challenges the narrative of the criminal charge rather than the facts. Could an affirmative defense be the right solution when you find yourself facing charges?

Affirmative defenses help those who defend themselves

If prosecutors allege that you committed a violent criminal offense in California, then your affirmative defense will likely involve claims of acting in self-defense. You can use a reasonable amount of force, including lethal force in some situations, to protect yourself or other people that you believe are in immediate danger of a violent crime from someone else. 

Acting in self-defense might lead to allegations of aggravated assault or even murder, depending on how the situation unfolds. Instead of spending time trying to poke holes in the evidence gathered by the police, you can instead present an explanation for why you acted the way that you did. 

Showing that you had a reason to fear for your safety or to believe that other people were in imminent danger could be enough to convince the courts to dismiss the charges against you or find you not guilty. Exploring all of your criminal defense options is important when the state has compelling evidence, and you find yourself facing charges related to a violent crime.


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