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What happens during a pre-trial hearing?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Before a trial, there are pre-trial hearings. However, most people do not understand what goes on during these important events, which could potentially affect the outcome of their case. Understanding what goes on at every stage of your trial will help you look out for your interests.

A pre-trial hearing takes place before the actual trial, and it lays a foundation for the court proceedings to come. The decisions made there will directly contribute to the outcome of your case, as detailed below.

A meeting between the defense, the prosecution and the judge

A pre-trial hearing involves three important parties to the trial. The purpose of the hearing is to resolve pending issues and other legal preparations before the trial begins. 

During a pre-trial hearing, the attorneys may file a range of motions. The court will rule on these motions, and it could affect the direction of your case. For instance, during a pre-trial hearing, evidence may be excluded from the trial following a successful motion to suppress by the defense. When the judge excludes evidence during a pre-trial, it will not be used in your trial.

The judge will also determine whether there is a fair cause for trial following a motion to dismiss. In some cases, the prosecution and defense can agree on a plea agreement to save time and avoid the uncertainty of a trial.

You may actually have many pre-trial hearings depending on the complexity of your case and what’s at stake. It is best to seek legal representation to help you make sense of everything and protect your interests. With an informed explanation of the potential outcomes of your case during a pre-trial hearing, you will be in a better position to weigh your options and make the best decisions.

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