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4 tactics the police can use to get a confession

On Behalf of | May 21, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

When you are accused of a crime, the police will question you to obtain more information. However, since you can apply your right to remain silent, officers may use tricks to get a confession. You should be well informed of these tactics to notice them sooner. 

Here are four of them:


Unfortunately, some police officers lie to get someone to talk. Therefore, during an interrogation, they may make false claims, such as informing you they have video footage of the occurrence or have a reliable witness. This can push you into talking since you may believe what they tell you.


Intimidation is a major issue. The police can use threatening statements, such as: 

  • If you don’t talk, the prosecutor may be harsher 
  • If you talk, we will reduce the penalties/help you eliminate it 

An officer may even yell or throw papers. These statements and actions can be so threatening that one may confess to a crime to protect themselves and their family.

Make you tired

Reports of the police keeping people in interrogation rooms for hours or even throughout the night to make them tired that they confess, are common. The police may wear you down until you confess.

Good cop, bad cop

You have probably seen this in movies. The Reid technique (good cop, bad cop) is a common strategy the police use in interrogation rooms. While it’s professionally permissible and has proven effective for years, cases of people confessing to crimes they have not committed have been reported. This is perhaps due to the lies and exaggerations that may be used.

If the police arrest and interrogate you, it may be best to remain silent and get legal help to avoid incriminating yourself.  

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