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Have you been falsely accused of theft at work?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

If your employer accuses you of stealing company funds or property, you may be concerned about the case’s potential effects on your career and the legal problems you may face. How you act during such a time is crucial. You don’t want to engage in actions that may disadvantage you.

Here is what to do when falsely accused of theft at work:

Collect more information

When your employer informs you about the accusation, politely ask questions and request to review the Human Resources file. This can help you understand the accusation in-depth. For example, if you are accused of forging checks, the file should include information regarding the forged checks and the bank account in which the money was deposited, among other relevant details. Thoroughly read the file to be adequately informed and, in turn, determine what to do next.

Stay calm

Even though you may not be happy about the accusation, you should stay calm. Getting angry and trying to prove your innocence right after an accusation of theft can lead to costly mistakes, as you may make statements or act in a way that can be used against you in the future.

You can refuse a lie detector test

If your employer asks you to submit to a lie detector test, you have the right to refuse it. Most private employers are prohibited from using lie detector tests. Besides, an employer may need to observe several steps before performing a polygraph test. Thus, ensure you are well informed about this matter.

Being accused of theft at work can be devastating. If this happens to you, get legal help to protect your career and rights.

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