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Considerations re serious criminal drug charges in California

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Drug Trafficking, Firm News |

Legions of people in states across the country view California as being a liberal bastion concerning virtually all things. As such, it is hardly surprising that many individuals would expect the state’s drug laws to be comparatively lenient, with criminal law authorities not being routinely ruthless in their pursuit of unlawful drug activity.

This is a mistaken assumption.

In fact, California’s policies and law-enforcement approach toward alleged criminal drug activity are notably harsh. Many thousands of individuals currently incarcerated in state and federal prisons following drug-linked convictions might reasonably regard them as draconian.

We spotlight the potential downsides of a California felony conviction in a given case on our website at the proven Newport Beach criminal defense Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick. We stress therein that the consequences can include “a lengthy jail term, a substantial fine, a criminal record and strict parole/probation rules,” among other things.

As daunting as such an outcome is, it is far from being guaranteed in any case. The fact pattern in every felony drug-crimes matter – whether it involves importation, cultivation, manufacture, trafficking or something else – is flatly different.

That variance is what an experienced defense lawyer works with while diligently seeking to optimally promote a client’s interests and secure a best-case result. Police officers sometimes act inappropriately, in violation of constitutional safeguards. Prosecutors sometimes overcharge an offense or abuse their discretion. Witnesses to an alleged crime can misstate the truth. Evidence protocols concerning collection and safeguarding can be botched. The list goes on.

Drug charges in California carry weighty consequences. A criminal suspect can turn to a seasoned attorney with a demonstrated record of advocacy for guidance and aggressive legal representation.

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