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What knives can you carry legally in California?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Felonies |

In comparison with many other states, California has relatively lax knife laws. For instance, switchblades are not illegal to carry here as long as the blade is less than two inches long.

But that does not mean you can’t still run afoul of the law for carrying a knife. Below is some important information that can help you arm yourself legally in California.

Knives that are Illegal to carry in California

If you are caught in possession of, or sell, manufacture or import the following knives, you can be arrested:

  • Knife/pen combinations
  • Ballistic knives
  • Air gauge knives
  • Daggers or dirks worn concealed
  • Cane swords
  • Lipstick knife cases
  • Cane swords
  • Blades concealed in wooden staffs (Shobi-Zue)
  • Throwing stars (Shuriken)
  • Belt buckle knives

Getting caught with any of the above will get you arrested in our state.

Can you carry a concealed knife in our state?

The good news is that you can conceal-carry legal folding knives here in California no matter how long their blades are. The two exceptions are bans on concealed-carry knives on any school property and anywhere within Los Angeles.

What can you do when you get arrested on a weapons charge?

Being charged with any weapons offense is a serious matter that requires a strong and stalwart legal defense to avoid conviction and many negative consequences for your future. If you have been charged with a weapons violation, learning more about your rights and responsibilities under the law can leave you in a better position when defending yourself in court.

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