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3 things that could help show you could not have committed a crime

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

If you are facing criminal charges for something you did not do, it is important to look for ways to prove your innocence. Otherwise, you could be punished and burdened with a criminal record for life.

One of the clearest ways to show you did not commit a crime is to show you could not have committed it because you were elsewhere at the time. Here are a few possible ways to do that:

Other people

A human alibi can be one of the best defense strategies. Someone who will vouch for you being with them, being sat at their bar or similar can show you were nowhere near the crime scene at the time the crime was committed.


You were busy looking for a birthday present for your daughter when the crime was committed. If you bought something you could show the shop receipt or the transaction on your credit card. 

Camera footage

If you were in a shopping mall at the time of the crime, obtaining camera footage could prove you were there and not at the crime scene.

As clear as all these proofs that you were elsewhere may be, it does not mean the prosecution will just drop its case. They may try to cast doubt on the veracity of the evidence you offer. For instance, accusing your human alibi of lying, claiming you gave your card to someone else to go shopping for you, or that the video footage is too grainy to be conclusive. It’s wise to get legal guidance to counter such claims.

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