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How can you handle a restraining order?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

In California, restraining orders are extremely serious. Courts issue these orders when one person fears another. The California courts explain that Domestic violence is a serious allegation and when accused, the penalties are high. If you have accusations against you, then it is important that you do not break any of the rule involved. 

When you have a restraining order, you may not have contact with the other person, make any changes to insurance policies or incur large expenses with shared finances. When served a protection order, the order will list out the rules and regulations of the order. It is important for you to abide by every rule listed. Even if you feel as though the order is unfair, you will not help your case through protesting. 

If you live with the person who filed the order, then you should take your clothes and leave your home until the court date. Keep in mind that you cannot possess or own a gun when you have a restraining order against you. If you do have a gun, you can turn it into the police or you can sell it to a gun dealer. 

When dealing with a restraining order, make sure that you attend the court hearing. If you do not attend it, then the judge may order you to five years in parole. You can also lose the control over child custody and child support. The judge can make orders regarding your child support. 

Now, if you have a different side to the story, then you will want to file your answer before you must go to court. 

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