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Can one felony conviction impact your future?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Felonies |

California residents like you may end up with a felony conviction for one reason or another. Once convicted, the important part is not how you got there. It is how this matter may affect you moving forward in life.

While the impact of felonies differ from state to state, you will almost certainly deal with lasting effects. But what are those effects?

How felony convictions impact job opportunities

As Quartz states, felonies can impact you for years to come. For California, you could deal with a lasting impact on your desirability as an employee. There are certain situations in which an employee may ask questions about a felony conviction on your record. There are even some instances in which they may deny you a job opportunity based on this conviction.

One example involves narcotics. If you are applying for a job that handles narcotics and have a felony for drug abuse, an employer is within their rights to refuse hiring you. But there are certain cases in which employers may use a felony conviction as an excuse to deny you a job for unfounded reasons. This is especially possible if you are a member of a protected class. In these situations, you may want to contact a legal professional. You can also face discrimination in housing due to convictions.

Loss of rights after felony conviction

On top of that, you face several losses of rights. Convicted felons have a lifetime ban on firearms. You may get disqualified from running for public office. You cannot enlist in the Armed Forces unless the Secretary of Defense gives you a waiver. You cannot serve on a jury. Some jobs prevent you from gaining professional licensure. Finally, you may lose the right to vote. However, California recently voted to return voting rights to felons on parole.

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