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How do you know if a rehab will help you?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When charged with drug crimes, you may feel stuck in a cycle of criminal activity. With rehabilitation, you can turn your life around.

According to the Huffingtonpost, the chances of getting clean increase with a high-quality rehabilitation facility. Rehab can refer to in-patient hospitals, outpatient programs or detox facilities.

Attention to vocation

What happens after you leave rehab? If you are like most, you want to have a job and move forward with a new life. A good facility has vocational support. People are less likely to relapse when they have work to focus on. In addition to a place that helps you learn the skills you need to find employment and has resources available, you need a center that has a high success rate.

Focused on health

To repair your mental health and push away from substance abuse, you need to focus on your physical health. Good nutrition will help repair your brain and body. Likewise, exercise not only helps increase your physical health, but the act of exercise increases feel-good hormones and helps your brain grow new cells.

Based on evidence

When you enter a rehabilitation program, you want programs that have evidence to back up their treatment. Mental health deserves the same evidence-based medicine that physical health does. If you have rehabilitation programs in mind, look for programs that offer cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy. Programs that only involve 12 steps or have few options rarely have evidence backing.

Do not settle for a center with less than a 65% success rate. While the ordeal is challenging, you want a high chance of success.

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